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仙頭杏美 Azumi Sento



Azumi Sento
Born in 1984 in Akano, Aki City, Kochi Prefecture. After studying sociology at Musashi University and graduating, she returned to her hometown and worked as a planning editor and writer at the ARK Design Institute. In particular, she is involved in writing tourism information for the eastern part of Kochi Prefecture, planning events,and regional development planning.

In 2015, she lived abroad for about one year in the Philippines, Australia, etc. After that, she worked for the town development promotion council in the prefecture, a food service venture company, and as a staff member at Lululu Guest House. In 2020, she opened a hostel in her hometown of Aki City.

She transmits information and edits articles. She also does consultations for business owners and tourism businesses on their products and collaborative projects.

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宿部門 / Hostel

  • Hostel東風ノ家の運営 

企画編集部門 / Planing and Writhing